Talent Guide


Talents are a collection of skills that are attacking and passive. They are in my opinion, the most important skills as they are mostly buffs and debuffs instead of skills which just do raw damage. Choosing which talent to buy, and when to use he move is very important. Talent is upgradable with a unique currency Talent Points, or just simply TP. In this guide, I will cover:

  • The various amount of Talents, what it does and my opinion on them
  • Choosing the best talent that suits you
  • Acquiring TP which is used to upgrade your talent
  • How to complete TP missions

So lets start the guide.


(before I begin, I would like to thank the wiki alot for the info it has provided me with)

Extreme Talent

Extreme talents are the most important talent, as each extreme talent comes with 6 skills (usually 4 attacking 2 passive or 3 attack 3 passive). That’s why choosing your extreme talent is very important (you can only learn one extreme talent). There are currently 4 extreme talents.

Requirements of Learning Extreme Talents:

Eye of Mirror: Level 40 or above, passed Jounin exam, Emblem user, 400 tokens
Eight Extremities: Level 40 or above, passed Jounin exam, 400 tokens
Dark Eye: Level 40 or above, passed Jounin exam, 500000 gold
Deadly Preformance: Level 40 or above, passed Jounin exam, 500000 gold

Eye of Mirror

Description: An ancient eye skill which grants the user strong vision and perception, but it also brings a huge physical burden.

My opinion: This is I think, the best extreme talent, and it is no surprise they made it available for emblem only. This talent will go with any build, so if you like changing your builds often, this will work with anything. This talent works nicely with both PvP and boss battles although the passives (Eye of Mirror, Crescent Eye of Mirror, Mirror of Freedom) are better for PvP. This talent has both offensive moves (mirror of strength, mirror of passion) and defensive moves (Mirror of grace, Mirror of Freedom), making it an good all round talent. I cant really find much flaws with this talent. If you are an emblem user with the tokens, don’t bother choosing another talent, Eye of Mirror is the best. 

Passives: 10/10

Attacks: 7/10

Flexibility: 9/10

Use for Bosses: 8/10

Use in Pvp: 8/10

Total: 42/50



Eye of mirror skill tree
From top to bottom, left to right:
Eye of Mirror, Crescent Eye of Mirror, Mirror of Passion, Mirror of Grace, Mirror of Strength, Mirror of Freedom

Eye of Mirror (Passive) – 
The awakening of Eye of Mirror grants the user with the ability to copy the jutsu of an enemy. This passive (at max level) gives you an 25% chance to copy a skill recently used by an enemy in Pvp. The animation happens immediately after they use the jutsu, and the copy does not work on Talent moves or when you don’t have enough CP to copy the skill. I think this is a good passive as it lets you copy the opponents skill, without wasting a turn. However, the downside to this is that it still costs CP to copy the move, so if you’re low in CP, you wouldn’t want the passive to activate. Rate: 7/10

Crescent Eye of Mirror (Passive)(Require Eye of Mirror level 5) – The awakening of Crescent Eye of Mirror grants users with the ability to rebound the effects of genjutsu. This talent (at max level) gives you a 30% chance to rebound genjutsu in pvp. It will happen immediately after the opponent uses a genjutsu on you (“Genjutsu rebound”). This passive is awesome as it rebounds the genjutsu effect. So that means if someone stuns you and you rebound it, you do not get stunned, and the opponent gets stunned. So it is basically the opponent stunning himself. It is easy to see why this is so deadly in PvP. Rate: 9/10

Mirror of Passion (Attack)(Debuff)(Require Crescent Eye of Mirror level 5) – Advanced Ninjutsu: Generate a violent blaze of flame to burn everything the user sees. This talent (at max level) has the damage of 9 times your level (e.g. if your level was 60, 60*9 = 540 damage). The CP costs 11.8 times your level and the attack has a 22 cooldown. The burn reduces the opponents HP by 2% for 10 turns (totaling total 20% HP). This attack is really useful, and will fit in nicely for both PvP and hunting house battles. This move is best used for enemies with lots of HP, such as event bosses and special jounin campaign bosses. (The final boss in the special jounin exam, Vadar, has 365000Hp, and 2% of that is 7000+ damage). The upfront damage is also pretty nice, sometimes capable of doing 1000+ damage, which is more than useful in PvP.  Rate: 9/10

Mirror of Strength (Attack)(Buff)(Require Mirror of Passion level 5) – Advanced Ninjutsu: Chakra of user is incarnated into a titan. This attack does 5.5 times character level damage  and costs 9.1 times character level CP (at max). It has a 24 turn cooldown. Most importantly, the user goes into titan mode which for the next 5 turns,if you use an attack it will do an additional titan attack which does 5.5 times the characters level damage. So if you were level 60 5.5*60=330 so that means you do 330 damage for 5 turns. This attack also has a 10% chance of stun for one turn. This is a strong attack good for PvP. At max and with an level 80 character, it only does about 600-800 per turn, which is a lot when you consider it goes on for 5 turns. The 10% stun doesn’t seem like much, but in 5 turns, there’s a pretty good chance of stun.  The downside to this move is that the titan attack only activates if you attack, so if you get stunned or want to charge, the move will not activate. I personally don’t like this skill, but most people use it and to a great effect. Rate: 7/10

Mirror of Grace (Debuff)(Require Crescent Eye of Mirror level 5) – Advanced Genjutsu: target is trapped into a world of hallucinations. This attacks costs 7.05 times the characters level CP (at max), and has 18 cooldown. This attack at max will inflict Chaos (cannot control character, Restriction (cannot use jutsu) and a 100% weaken (Attacks do 0 damage). Those effects last for 3 turns.  Chaos restriction and Weaken basically means that you cannot control what you’re doing, you can use skills and all your attacks will do 0 damage. So its really just a weaker version of stun, making it very useful in both PvP and Boss battles. However the CP costs is really high compared to other moves such as Sexy Girl Transformation , and unlike skills such as smothering bind, it does no damage. Overall , its a good skill that will assist you in all kinds of battles. Rate: 7/10

Mirror of Freedom (Passive) – Advanced Genjutsu: Cast the ultimate genjutsu on own self so as to travel between the world of illusions and the real world. At Max level, this talent allows you to gain back 40% HP and 40% when you die for the first time. After that, the user cannot use Eye of Mirror skills again in the battle. Basically, when you die, instead of you losing and the match being over, you come back alive and gain 40% hp and 40% cp. Without a doubt, this is the best passive in the game, as it allows you a second life. This is the most important reason of getting Eye of Mirror, so if you are getting it, I’d recommend training it ASAP. Rate: definitely 10/10

Training guide

Eye of mirror 0 —> 5

Crescent Eye of Mirror 0 —> 5

Mirror of grace 0 —> 6

Mirror of Freedom 0 —> 1

Mirror of Passion 0 —> 5

Mirror of Passion and Mirror of Freedom to 10

Mirror of strength 0 —> 10

Mirror of grace 6 —> 10

Crescent Eye of Mirror 5 —> 10

Eye of Mirror 5 —>10

Eight Extremities

Description: This talent focuses on the flexibility of 8 body parts and the art of Taijutsu. Explosive power can be achieved under extreme mode, but there will be serious side effects.

My opinion:  This is the most offensive extreme talent out there. All of its skills are pretty good, and the passives are very helpful. If you want really quick kills, ultimate dance will do the job, dealing massive damage. Eight Extremities Fist has decent damage and drains lots of CP, and Extreme mode is Extremely OP. If you love using taijutsus, you will love using this.

Passives: 10/10

Attacks: 9/10

Flexibility: 6/10

Use for Bosses: 6/10

Use for Pvp: 9/10

Total: 40/50


Eight Extremities

Eight extremities skill tree. From top to bottom, left to right:
Soul Punch, Eight Extremities, Eight Extremities Fist, Eight Extremities Strengthn, Extreme Mode, Ultimate Dance

Soul Punch (Attack) – Basics: Concentrates chakra on your palm and punch the target. This attack (At Max level) does 7.08 times damage the users level, costs 0.2 times of the users level, and has a 6 cooldown.  Although the damage may seem low, and it dosen’t have a status effect, this move is pretty handy. The CP cost is virtually nothing (just over 100 at max level), and it has a 6 cooldown, meaning you can use it regularly. I like to think of this move as a stronger version of a weapon attack. Rate: 6/10

Eight Extremities (Passive) – Basic Combat: Elementary battle training that increases taijutsu damage. At Max level, this Increases taijutsu damage by 20%, and removes the 5% Hp reduction of using Taijutsus. Wow, removing the 5% HP cost of using taijutsus. In other words, when you max out this talent, you can use use taijutsus for FREE, there is NO loss of HP. It also increases taijutsu damage by 20%, which is alot considering its only a passive move. The only downside is, as i mentioned above, that there are currently only lvl 60 taijutsus, but as soon as they release lvl 80 taijutsus, this talent will be OP and everyone will switch to it. Rate: 10/10

Eight Extremities Fist (Attack, CP Drain) –Basic Taijutsu: Apply the usage of chakra into taijutsu and give better damage. This attack (at max) does 10 times your level damagem costs 9 times your level CP and has a 19 cooldown It also reduces the targets CP bt 40%. Very useful attack in PvP. The damage is pretty good, and draining the opponent’s CP is crucial in PvP. Not to mention the CP cost isn’t that high, considering that Extreme mode Costs a lot of CP. Overall, a good move that will be used frequently in PvP. Rate: 8/10

Eight Extremities Strengthen (Passive)  Advanced Combat: Fully utilize every part of the body. This passive at max increases agility by 20% and maximum HP by 10%. Wow, another awesome passive. 20% more agility is massive if you are a wind user, and you will run way faster and take more turns. 10% HP is also a massive increase, making it extremely useful to earth users. But this passive will be useful whatever user you are, and the effects are noticeable. Rate: 10/10

Extreme mode (Buff)(Debuff on self) –  Extreme Mode: Develop every part of the body to a superb condition for a short period of time. This buff at max costs 14.5 times the users level and has an cooldown of 16.  This buff increases attack damage of all taijutsu (effect name: “taijutsu increase) by 80% for 5 turns and the user cannot be healed (effect name: “internal injury) for 5 turns.  First I would like to point out that the Ninja Saga description says “increase attack damage of all taijutsu.” But this buff also affects the eight extremities talent attacks, (Soul punch, Eight Extremities fist and Ultimate dance), making it very good. The damage increase is huge, and because of that, many users can do massive damage when combined with ultimate dance because of it. You cannot be healed for 5 turns so this may not be the best talent for a water user, but most people use it at the start of the battle anyway, so they can heal later on. Training it, I’d give a second thought about training it to max because of the massive CP cost when compared to other buffs such as fire power (465 CP cost) or Hidden among rocks (150 CP). Id much rather training this move to level 7 only, but if you’re the kind of person who loves doing epic damage, max it out.

When max: 80% increase, lasts for 5 turns, 14.5 times users level CP cost, (which is 580 Cp cost at level 40,  870 at level 60 and 1160 at level 80)

When at level 7:  50% increase, lasts for 4 turns, 7.2 times uers level CP cost (which is 288 CP at level 40, 432 at 60, and    576 at level 80)

So as you can see, at level 7, it only increases 50% and lasts for 4 turns, but its CP costs is less than half of what if would cost at level 10. If you earn TP slow, dont bother maxing this move out early, but if you can get lots of TP, I’ll let you decide if maxing it is worth it. Whatever is the case, this is an awesome move which has lots of potention. Rate: 8/10

Ultimate Dance (Attack)(Debuff) –  Advanced Taijutsu: Fatal attack to a target, must be used in Extreme Mode. This attack at max level does 17.78 times the user level damage, 10 time the users level CP, and has a 19 cooldown. To use this attack, you must be in extreme mode. Addition effects: 90% chance to inflict “CP cost (+)” to opponent, which makes them use twice as much CP on skills. Okay. This is the skill in ninja saga with the highest damage. Providing your extreme mode is at a decent level, when you max this out, nearly everytime it will do 3000+ damage at level 80. I’ve seen instances where this attack has exceeded 10000 damage. For an attack that costs not that much CP, it also has a 90% chance to double the opponents CP cost for 3 turns. Wow, what more can you ask for. This attack is best used for PvP, however it is often used in hunting house as it can get close to 1 hit KOing a boss. Rate: 10/10

Training guide

Soul Punch 0 —> 5

Eight Extremities 0 —> 5

Eight Extremities Strengthen 0 —> 5

Extreme Mode 0 —> 7

Ultimate Dance 0 —> 10

Eight Extremities fist 0 —> 10

Eight Extremities 5 —> 10

Eight Extremities Strengthen 5 —> 10

Soul Punch 5 —> 10

Optional: (Read part on Extreme Mode)

Extreme Mode 7 —> 10

Dark Eye

Description: Combine eye skill with acupuncture skill to give the user the ability to look through the target’s nerves and meridians.

My opinion:  If you cant afford or don’t want to pay for an emblem or tokens, dark eye has many powerful passives that will give you a great advantage in battle. The stat boosts are the best of all the other talents, with a 10% accuracy increase, 5% dodge increase, 5% critical chance increase, 10% critical damage increase, and CP by 20%. As you can see, these passives are perfect for PvP, and will give you an edge over your opponent. The attacks may seem weak compared to other talents, but they can be useful in some situations.

Passives: 10/10

Attacks: 6/10

Flexibility: 7/10

Use for Bosses: 5/10

Use for Pvp: 10/10

Total: 38/50


Dark eye skill tree. From left to right, top to bottom: Dark Eye, Needle Barrage, Meridian Anesthesia, Meridian Search, Meridian Strengthen, Meridians Destruction

Dark eye skill tree. From left to right, top to bottom: Dark Eye, Needle Barrage, Meridian Anesthesia, Meridian Search, Meridian Strengthen, Meridians Destruction

Dark Eye (Passive) – The awakening of Dark Eye grants user with strong vision. This passive at max Increases accuracy by 10% and dodge chance by 5%.    A 10% accuracy bonus may not seem much, but it is brilliant against those wind users, while the 5% dodge chance makes is useful if you are a wind user yourself. One of the good passives which give you a small boost. Rate: 9/10

Acupuncture: Needle Barrage (Attack)(Debuff) -Aim at meridians of target and throw needles to interfere with CP recovery of target. This attack at max does 7.5 the users level damage, costs 9.1 times the users level CP and has a 16 cooldown. The target can only regain 30% CP via charge for 5 turns. (Meridians Cut off)    I do not like this skill at all. The damage is really low for an attack, and the effect is not really that useful. Only being able to recover 30% CP means that the opponent can only charge about 2 times in the 5 turns before not being able to gain back further CP. Though it may be useful if the opponent has no CP left when you use it, but I think this attack is a complete waste of a turn, it will be better if  instead this disables charging or something. Rate: 5/10

Acupuncture: Meridian Anesthesia (Buff)(Debuff on self) – Anesthetize yourself to reduce damage and recover HP for a number of turns, but interfere with CP. This buff at max level costs 8.2 times your level CP and has a 16 cooldown. The effects are:
– For 4 turns, reduce damage taken by 20% (Protection)
-For 3 turns, Recover 20% HP each turn
-For 3 turns, you yourself cannot charge (charge disable)
So this buff is useful, but not really flexible. Reduce damage by 20% is great if you are on low HP, same with recovering the HP, but when your HP is low, your CP should also be pretty low, and the fact you cant charge makes you think twice about using it. You can use it at the start of the match, so you can recover HP, and not worry about the fact that you cant charge, but I’m not really sure if the 20% defence will help then. Overall, it will be mainly used for healing, which is really useful if you are not a water user, but if you are, id recommend you just use your refreshes instead as they will heal more and do it in just one turn. Anesthesia is still a helpful move though, and a pretty good move too. Rate: 7/10

Meridian Search (Passive) – Visualize the position of meridians of target and give better chance to do critical damage. At max this passive increases critical chance by 5% and critical damage by 10%. This isn’t just for lightning users. An added critical chance and damage will help everyone. Good passive, but it’ll be better if the increase was higher as criticals aren’t as important as dodge and other effects. Rate: 8/10

Meridian Strengthen (Passive) – Strengthen your meridian system to recover more chakra. At max this passive increases CP by 20% and makes you recover 25% extra CP per charge. The best passive for Dark Eye with a doubt, and arguably one of the best passive in the game. 20% CP is HEAPS, its HEAPS, its a huge boost. Recovering extra 25% means that you basically recover 25+25=50% CP per charge, yes, you recover half your CP per charge. With this passive at max, you won’t need the worry about not having CP to use your skills anymore. Water users will love this, they’ll have massive CP and recover heaps per charge, but no matter what build you are, it’ll be extremely helpful. This is also huge in PvP, as it does well to counter people with lots of CP draining moves such as halos of Olympus. Rate: 10/10

Acupuncture: Meridians Destruction (Attack)(Debuff) – Aim at meridians of target and acupuncture to interfere target’s flow of chakra in the body. This attack at max does 11.45 times your level damage, costs 11.8 times your level Cp, and has 20 cooldown. It  inflicts restriction on the target for 2 turns (they cannot use skills) and it also has a 30% of causing disperse (gets rid of all buffs). Good attack which can also restrict and disperse, which is nice. The damage is good too, restriction isn’t much but it can be helpful, the 30% chance of disperse is the coolest though. Disperse will clear all of the annoying buffs your opponent may use, and it is also will play a huge role in the special jounin exam in defeating Akazosu as you need to remove his fire wall. Anyways, this attack is really useful in PvP, just like everything else in this talent.  Rate: 9/10

Training guide

Dark Eye 0 —> 5

Meridian Anesthesia 0 —> 10

Meridians Strengthen 0 —> 5

Needle Barrage  0 —> 5

Meridian Search 0 —> 5

Meridian Destruction 0 —> 6

Meridians Strengthen 5 —> 10

Meridian Destruction 6 —> 10

Dark Eye 5 —> 10

Meridian Search 5 —> 10

Neddle Barrage 5 —> 10

Deadly Performance

Description: Dead Bone performer can summon deceased beings in battles.
Advanced performer can manipulate more dead bones at the same time.

My opinion:  A talent with really good attacking skills, good buffs and debuffs. Samurai an divine wind can do quite some damage and burial of dead bone can disable a whole team from attacking for 3 turns, very helpful. Wondrous doors is a good defensive skill. However the passives in deadly performance are not that good as all the other talents out there

Passives: 5/10

Attacks: 10/10

Flexibility: 8/10

Use for Bosses: 8/10

Use for Pvp:7/10

Total: 38/50


Deadly Performance Skill Tree. From left to right, top to bottom: Wondrous Doors, Samurai: One Sword, Soul of Onmyyouji, Soul of Samurai, Burial of Dead Bone, Divine Wind of Onmyyousamurai

Deadly Performance Skill Tree. From left to right, top to bottom: Wondrous Doors, Samurai: One Sword, Soul of Onmyyouji, Soul of Samurai, Burial of Dead Bone, Divine Wind of Onmyyousamurai

Onmyyouji: Wondrous Doors (Buff) – Summon the soul of onmyouji to convert target’s attack damage to HP. At max, this buff costs 5.5 times the users level CP and has a 16 cooldown. This buff at max will convert 100% of damage done into HP for 2 turns (meaning that the opponent will not inflict any damage on you). A great buff, although I (a deadly performance user) don’t really use it much. This buff will make the opponent deal 0 damage for he next two turns at level 10, and heal you the damage done. e.g. you are on 1000 HP, you opponent does 500 damage on you, but instead of losing 500 HP, you don’t lose any HP (0) then you gain back 500 HP, you are then on 1500 HP, so the opponent hasn’t damaged you, but has healed you. Useful in plenty of tricky situations though when you have to die, the opponent has no choice but to not attack. Rate: 8/10

Samurai: One Sword (Attack)(Debuff) – Summon the soul of samurai to attack target with sword. This attack at max does 12.3 times the users level, costs 11.8 times the users level CP, and has a 20 cooldown. This attack exposes the targets defence for 40% for 3 turns (expose defence), and reduces the target’s dodge chance by 40% for 3 turns (numb). So expose defense is basically like bleeding, so you will do 40% extra damage after using this attack, which is Massive. My favorite move of Deadly Performance, as well as exposing defence which allows my other moves to do more, it also has a big upfront damage (the attack will do as much as my fire jutsus). Only downside is that like all other moves, it is dodgeabe, so the reduce 40% dodge chance can be dodged, making it useless against wind users. But overall, good move, good attack, and good   effects. Rate: 9/10.

Soul of Onmyyouji (Passive) – Summon the soul of onmyouji to protect you from physical damage. This passive at max reduces damage taken by 5% and gives you 20% chance to resist stun. Reducing the damage by 5% is nice and the 20% chance to reduce stun is also nice. But it isn’t really much in my opinion. Passives like Crescent eye of mirror has a 30% chance of rebounding most stunning moves (genjutsus). 5% less damage isn’t much e.g. instead of 100 damage, they do 95 which is 5 less. Well, this passive would have been better if it’s 10% less damage or 50% chance to resist stun to make it reliable, but anyways, overall its just an average passive. Rate: 6/10

Soul of Samurai (Passive) – Summon the soul of samurai to rebound damage. This passive at max gives you a 10% chance to rebound 50% damage taken. Not helpful. 10% is not reliable at all. I don’t even notice it much, this is probably the worst extreme talent passive. It will be better if they can make it rebound 100%, or at least boost the chance to 20%. Rate: 5/10

Burial of Dead Bone (Attack)(Area Debuff) – Summon gravestones from the underworld to attack all target. This attack at max does 4.1 times your level damage, costs 14.6 times your level CP and has a 26 cooldown. It also inflicts “barrier” on ALL enemies from the opposing team (cannot use weapon, jutsu or talent). So its basically a stun. However what makes this move so powerful is that hits everyone in the opposing team, and the fact that it lasts 3 turns is just amazing, in terms of team battles. Its not surprising that this move is mainly used in PvP (2v2 and 3v3 mostly) as it disables the whole team. The only real downside is that it costs massive CP, and if you aren’t a water user, this move can drain nearly half your CP. Rate: 9/10 

Divine Wind of Onmyyousamuai (Attack)(Buff) – The fusion of onmyouji and samurai to combine the power of both to attack target. This attack at max does 15.4 times your level damage, costs 10 times your level CP and has a 16 cooldown. This also converts ALL damage done to HP. Coolest move ever. At 15.4 times your level damage, this will do a lot. And then it converts everything to HP, so if you do 2000 damage with it, you gain back 2000 HP, so not only the epic damage, it heals you as well, making it one of the most efficient moves. Rate: 9/10

Training guide

Wondrous Doors 0 —> 5

Samurai 0 —> 10

Soul of Onmyyouji 0 —> 5

Soul of Samurai  0 —> 5

Burial of Dead Bone 0 —> 5

Divine Wind of Onmyyousamurai 0 —> 10

Wondrous Doors 5 —> 10

Soul of Onmyyouji 5 —> 10

Soul of Samurai 5 —> 10

Secret Talent

Secret Talent features 3 skills, 2 attacks and 1 passive. The passive usually gives an advantage to a specific element. While choosing your secret talent isn’t as important as your extreme talent, it is still a huge part of the game. All users can have 2 secret talent. In order to learn your first secret talent, you must be lvl 50, and in order to learn your 2nd, you must be lvl 60 and passed the special jounin exam. There are currently 5 secret talents. Most secret talents are really expensive and will require lots of gold.

Requirements of Learning Secret Talents:

Demon Sound: Level 50 or above, 1,000,000 gold
Explosive Lava: Level 50 or above, 1,000,000 gold
Hidden Silhouette: Level 50 or above, Emblem, 400 tokens
Enraged forest: Level 50 or above, 1,000,000 gold
Ice Crystal: Level 50 or above, 1,000,000

For this section, I will not be rating the talent as there’s only 3 skills, and I will be also not providing a training guide for the same reason.

Demon Sound

Description: The Demon Sound is combined by the elements of Thunder and Wind. Users interfere targets with different kinds of sounds and music.

My opinion: Neat talent for wind users in particular. Pure winds will love phantom wave as it reduces the targets accuracy, and the passive is real neat too. Both demon song and song of fantasia have decent damage as well, which makes it good for PvP. Nice talent, and one you should have if you are a wind user.


Demon Sound Skill Tree

Demon Sound Skill Tree

Demon Song (Passive) – Chance to reduce attack damage by enemy by hitting enemy with thunder-wind ninjutsu. This passive at max will give you  a 70% chance of reducing a targets damage by 20% when you use a thunder or wind jutsu. (inflicts “weaken”). Reducing the damage done by 20% is really helpful whatever the situation may be. This is a neat passive, and 20% is a pretty big percentage. I just wished they could increase the 70% to 100%, so that it can be guaranteed weaken will work, but it’s awesome the way it is already. Rate: 8/10

Demon Song: Phantom Wave (Attack)(Debuff) Play the song of demon to interfere with the attention of target. This attack at max does 10 times the users level damage, costs 9.1 times the users level CP, and has 16 cooldown. It also reduces target’s accuracy by 20% for 3 turns (blind) and reduces their critical chance by 20%  for 3 turns (distract). Wind users will love this. After using evasion and all their other cool moves, they’ll have a dodge rate about 80%. This 20% blind will make sure that they will always dodge, or after evasion wears off, they can use this to increase their dodge. But it will be useful even if you aren’t a wind user, blind is good for all situations, and the damage that this attack inflicts is decent too. Rate: 9/10

Demon Song: Song of Fantasia (Attack)(Debuff) – Play the song of demon to temporarily erase jutsu knowledge of target. This attack at max, does 1 times the users level damage, costs 9.1 times the users level CP, and has a 16 cooldown. This also puts one skill of opponent into cooldown for 14 turns. I don’t use this skill much, only for it’s damage. The putting one skill into cooldown is completely random, so it will be way better if we can select the skill to put into cooldown. Not the best talent move, but I guess it still can do decent damage.

Explosive lava

Description: Explosive Lava is combined by the elements of Fire and Earth. Users damage targets by ignition and explosion.

My opinion: Pathetic talent. I used to have this talent, I and never liked it. Apart from the passive, the skills are really bad, won’t help you much and is extremely weak. Don’t even bother about considering this talent.


explosive lavaExplosive lava (Passive) – Ignite Lava to increase damage of fire-earth ninjutsu. This passive at max increases fire-earth jutsu damage by 10%. Probably the only thing to consider about explosive lava. 10% is a decent boost, especially for fire users as they do tons of damage. A nice passive, but the other skills in this talent let it down. Rate: 9/10

Secret Lava, Lava Shield (Buff)(Debuff) – Stick target with pieces of lava when target attacks user. Affected target receives extra damage when user attacks with fire-earth ninjutsu. This buff at max costs 6.4 times the users level CP and has 20 cooldown.This will inflitct “fire faint” and “earth faint” on target, so they will receive 20% extra damage from fire and earth ninjutsu for 2 turns. It will also reduce the target’s dodge chance by 20% for 2 turns (numb). So I don’t like this buff at all. 20% extra damage from fire/earth jutsus for 2 turns is really lame, moves like fire power can do 40% for 3 turns, and costs way less CP. Numb can be dodged, making it useless against wind users still. Rate: 6/10

Secret Lava: Lava Spirits (Attack)(Debuff) – Create explosive clay bugs and dispatch them to target. This attack at max does 11.2 times the users level, costs 10.9 times the users level CP, and has a 16 cooldown. This attack also has a 65% chance to inflitch 2% burn for 2 turns. Another weak move. The damage  is alright, but still lower than a fire jutsu. The CP cost is really high, and theres a 65% chance to inflitch 2% burn for 2 turns. Wow a 65% chance. No idea why it cant be 100%. 2% burn for 2 turns is weak enough. Anyways for an attack that costs lots of CP, this move is really suckish. Rate: 6/10

Hidden Silhouette

Description: Silhouette users manipulate human shadows to restrict and control targets. Advanced Users can incarnate shadows into physical objects and attack targets directly.

My opinion: This talent is in my opinion, overrated. Yes its good, but its not remarkably good. So much emblem users think that because that this is emblem and cost tokens, this must be the best. But anyways enough with the negativity, this is an good talent with nice attacks. Another thing is that this isn’t boosted by an element, so this is good for many users


hidden silhouetteSilhouette Capture (Passive) – Any attack may inflict Capture on target. Target under Capture status has lower dodge rate. This passive at level 10 gives the user 15% chance to inflict silhouette, which reduces the dodge chance by 10% for 3 turns. So basically whatever attack you use may inflict silhouette, reducing the target’s dodge rate by 10% for 3 turns). This is really good, and I will explain why later. Rate: 8/10

Secret Silhouette: Strangle (Buff)(Debuff) – Restrict and strangle target by manipulating the shadow.
Damage tripled when target is in ‘Silhouette’ status. This attack costs 5.5 times the users level CP and has 16 cooldown. Both user and opponent will be stunned for 3 turns. Oppoenent target reduce 2% for the 3 turns, OR 6% for 3 turns when under silhouettte status. This also increases silhouette chance by 15%. So this attack basically is like a burn, it reduces hp every turn. It also stuns yourself as well as the oppoent, making it useful in Boss battles where the boss has high HP. The reduction of HP is huge when the opponent is under silhouette status (6% for 3 turns). So a decent attack, that really can only be used for boss battles. Rate: 8/10

Secret Silhouette: Extinguish (Attack)(Debuff) – Restrict and stab target with shadow spears.
Damage tripled when target is in ‘Silhouette’ status. This attack does 3.5 times the users level damage (10.5 when the opponent is under silhouette), this attack costs 9 times the users level CP and has 16 cooldown. This also restricts the target for 2 turns and increase silhouette chance by 15%. Restrict isn’t nearly as good as stun, as the opponent can still use talent/weapon/charge/consumable etc. However the damage when the opponent is under silhouette status is neat, and restriction works like a stun on bosses. So this attack is basically just a weaker version of meridians destruction. Rate: 7/10

Enraged Forest

Description: The Enraged Forest is combined by the elements of Water and Earth. Users manipulate the growth of trees and uses wood to attack targets.

My opinion: The best secret talent ever. Whatever element you are, GET IT! You will have no regrets. This talent has 2 attacks, smothering bind which stuns for 2 turns, and matsuri which does epic damage. It is extremely good for PvP, and saves you a slot for a stunning move and a damaging move.


enraged forestNature Power (Passive) – Chance to inflict Nature Power upon using Earth or Water skills (HP & CP Recovery) This passive at max gives you a 48% chance to recover 6% HP and CP when you use water or earth skills. Neat passive if you are water or earth user. 6% is a nice amount to recover, since earth users have lots of HP and water users have lots of CP.  Rate: 8/10

Secret Enraged Forest: Smothering Bind (Attack)(Debuff) – Entwine target with branches of tree. This attack at max does 7.3 times the users level damage, costs 10 times the users level CP and has 16 cooldown. This also stuns the opponent for 2 turns. Brilliant stunning move, as it will also inflict damage. However there is a bug. In the description, it says at level 10 it stuns for 3 turns. This is false, it will only stun for 2 turns. Because of this, I do not recommend training this to max, as for a tiny bit of extra damage, you are wasting so much more CP. I’d recommend you train this move to level 6 only, so you can save lots of CP. I’m not saying this is a must, but my smothering bind is 10 and i regret training it. Anyways, great stunning move, good for both bosses and PvP. Rate: 9/10

Secret Enraged Forest: Matsuri (Attack) – Entwine target with explosion of giant branches of a tree. This attack at max does 16.3 times the users level damage, costs 10 times the users level CP and has 16 cooldown. This attack is the coolest attack ever, and this move does the 2nd most damage in this game (1st being ultimate dance). This damage this move inflict is massive. Because of that, I use it often, and prefer this over my fire jutsus. This attack will also save you a jutsu slot as you can equip one less attacking jutsu. Good attack, brilliant for both PvP and bosses. Rate: 10/10

Ice Crystal

Description: Combine Wind and Water elements to form a new element type – Ice Crystal. Use low temperature to attack target or protect yourself.

My opinion: Nice secret talent. The passive is alright, and the attacks are alright. Though my only concern is that the passive freezes not stuns, and the CP cost of the attacks. Also it combines water and wind, 2 of the weakest elements, in terms of damage. But I guess it ‘s alright for Pvp.


ice crystalAbsolute Zero Zone (Passive) – Chance to freeze enemy by hitting enemy with wind-water ninjutsu. This passive at max gives you a 11% chance to freeze enemy when using water or wind jutsus. 11% chance is really low in my opinion. I also dislike “frozen”, as it stuns but you will do 30% less damage to the opponent. Really annoying when you want to use an attacking jutsu. It would be better if it was stun, but I guess it will come in handy, and in some emergencies, it will help.  Rate: 7/10

Secret Icy Crystal: Hakukage Horo (Buff)- Freeze down all the moisture and form a armor. Damage will be decrease when being attacked and target will reduce CP. This buff at max costs 9.1 times the users level CP and has 20 cooldown. This will reduce the daage taken by 25% for 3 turns (protection) and Reduce target’s CP by 12% when they attack you (-attacker CP). I guess its a nice buff as the reduction of damage by 25% is pretty good, but the reduction of CP when opponents attack you is its biggest plus, as it can cause lots of problems. However the CP cost of this attack is pretty high, and you will think twice before using it. Rate: 8/10

Secret Icy Crystal: Icy Kaleidoscope (Attack)(Debuff) – Hide yourself in hundreds of crystal and attack target back and forth between the crystals. Wind and Water Jutsu will increase their damage. This attack at max will do 11.8 times the users level damage, costs 13.6 times the users level CP and has 16 cooldown. The target will also receive extra 12% damage from wind and water jutsus for 4 turns. Nice attack, good damge, nice effect (the 12% boost is useful if you are planning to use jutsus), but the CP cost is ridiculous. For just a normal attack which inflitcts fainting, the CP cost is tremendously high, so maybe water users won’t mind, but for everone else, this can take away 1/3 of your CP in just using it. Rate:: 7/10

Choosing the right talent for you

Choosing the right talent is important. Choose a talent that suits you, a talent you enjoy using, and a talent that enhances your strategy and build. I can give you suggestions, but the final choice will always be yours, you are the one that chooses what you like, im not forcing you, so please don’t be angry at me if my advice hasn’t helped.

I will make this section of the guide based on your elements and stats, as some talents will help one element but not another.

If you are still unsure what to choose after reading this guide, feel free to comment, I will be more than willing respond ASAP.

Extreme Talents


Wind users should consider getting eight extremities, because:

  • Eight Extremities Strengthen will give them 20% extra agility, which is a big boost considering they they have massive agility already.
  • Bonus to taijutsu from eight extremities and extreme mode will allow wind user to use taijutsus instead of the weak wind moves
  • Ultimate dance is a strong move, which will be used often as wind does not have any strong moves

However you may not have enough tokens, or cannot acquire more tokens, so you should choose dark eye because :

  • Bonus to dodge chance, making dodges more frequently
  • Good PvP moves as dark eye is a more PvP orientated talent and wind users usually PvP more.
  • Good if your secondary element is thunder or water, meridians strengthen increases CP and boosts your charging, so water users can boost their CP and thunder users can get more CP to use their expensive thunder jutsu.


Fire users should get Eye Of Mirror, because:

  • Good defensive passives to support its high attack
  • Good attacking skills such as mirror of passion
  • Mirror of Grace is a useful stunning move.

However if you are not emblem, you should choose Deadly performance because:

  • Strong attacks such as divine wind
  • Samurai: one sword will boost your fire jutsu heaps
  • Barrier of dead bone can stun the whole enemy team, allowing you to attack with freedom


Thunder users should get Dark Eyebecause:

  • Meridians search gives bonus to cricital chance, and critical damage
  • Meridians strengthen will give you bonus Cp, and let you charge more, so you can use the high CP-costing thunder jutsus.

If you are an emblem, you may consider getting Eye of Mirror, because:

  • Good defensive passives to support its high attack
  • Good attacking skills such as mirror of passion
  • Mirror of Grace is a useful stunning move.


Water users should get Dark Eye, because:

  • Meridians strengthen gives a huge boost to your already high CP, and will let you charge lots of CP as well.
  • Meridians anasteaia can also be used as a healing move

If you are an emblem, you may consider getting Eye of Mirror, because:

  • Mirror of Freedom will revive you when you die, allowing you to continue your heal loop.
  • Eye of Mirror will let you copy the opponents skill, and because of your high CP, you don’t need to worry about it’s consumption.


Earth users should get Eight extremities, because:

  • Eight extremities strengthen gives a massive boost to HP
  • Eight extremities fist can drain the opponent’s CP, allowing you to survive longer

If they cannot the tokens for it, they should get Deadly Performance, because:

  • Divine Wind can be used as a healing move, which is really helpful for an earth user
  • Wondrous doors absorbs 100% HP, so it can be used as a tank build
  • Soul of Onyoumyji will allow you to resist stun and reduces damage taken, further enhancing the “tank build”
  • Soul of Samurai increases your reactive force

Secret Talents

For secret talents, everyone should get Enraged Forest for your first secret talent, its the best secret talent out there and will work whatever user you are. So yea, here is the guide for your second secret talent.


Wind users should get demon sound, because:

  • Passive boosts wind, gives defence
  • Phantom wave extremely useful move for pure winds; it can increase dodge by 20%


Fire users should get Hidden silhouette, because:

  • Explosiva lava is an bad talent with pathetic skills
  • Hidden silhouette is good as it can inflitct decent damage and stun

If you are not emblem, then get Demon Sound because:

  • Nice attacks, phantom wave and song of fantasia both do decent damage


Thunder users should get Hidden silhouette, because:

  • Strangle is a good stunning move and is extremely helpful
  • Extinguish has nice damage and can restrict

If you aren’t emblem, then you should get demon sound, because:

  • Passive demon sound gives protection
  • Nice attacks, phantom wave and song of fantasia both do decent damage


Water users should get Ice Crystal, because:

  • Chance to freeze when using water jutsu
  • Icy Kaleidoscope  does neat daamge and can boost water attacks
  • Hokuage Horo gives you protection, and can take away opponents CP


Earth users should get Hidden silhouette, because:

  • Strangle is a good stunning move and is extremely helpful
  • Extinguish has nice damage and can restrict

If you aren’t emblem, then you should get explosive lava, because:

  • Not much other choice
  • Passive can give alright boost to jutsu
  • Lava Spirits has decent damage

Acquiring TP to level up your talent.

Talent will require a lot of TP to train. To get one skill to max, you will need 5+10+25+50+100+200+300+450+600+800= 2540 TP

To get all 12 skills to max, you will need 2540*12= 30480 TP

There is a very limited amount of ways to get TP, they are:

  • TP Missions: In the mission room. 5 different missions, you can complete 3 daily. Each mission gives 10TP
  • Exchanging tokens (the premium currency) for TP
  • Talent pills obtained from scratch cards, gifts and events
  • TP posts shared when you level up a talent or buy a new talent

So as you can see, there isn’t much ways to obtain TP, but here are some tips to getting it.

  1. Make sure to complete all TP missions daily, if you have trouble, i will be explaining how later in this guide
  2. Make a gift buddy, and exchange 5 mini talent pills daily
  3. Don’t forget to scratch daily
  4. And go to the ninja saga fanpage to make some friends, you may be able to claim some TP of wall posts

How to complete TP missions

TP missions can be hard if you don’t know how to complete them. Here are some tips and tricks to completing TP missions to train your talents.

Secret TP Scroll & Another TP Scroll

Pretty easy, it’s just another one of those matching games. You shouldn’t have any trouble with this.

Weird Potion & Dangerous Potion

Dangerous Potion is alright, but weird potion is challenging, so here is how to complete it. This method is just like taking a picture of your screen with a camera, only way more easier.

  • Open Ninja saga (Obviously)
  • Zoom out in the browser, making NS only take half the screen on the left.
  • Open paint by going to Start–>All programs—>Accessories—>Paint
  • Make paint take up the other half of the screen.
  • Open the TP mission, when the move order is visible, go to your keyboard and on the top left you should see a button that says “Prt Sc.” Press it.
  • Go to paint and paste by pressing Ctrl+V
  • And there you have it, you don’t need to remember anything now.

The kekkai in the forest

Without a doubt the hardest TP mission out there, this mission requires a good strategy. So heres how to pass this mission:

3 rune kekkai

Step 1. First find out which 3 runes are in the pattern by putting one rune at a time on all 3 slots. Step 2. Once you found out which 3 runes are in the pattern, use them in a random order and you should get it easily.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

5 rune kekkai

Step 1. First find out which 5 runes are in the pattern by excluding one rune at a time (i.e. for the first time, don’t put the white, second time, dont put the yellow etc). Stop when the green and yellow numbers adds up to 5 (so you have the 5 runes in the pattern.

Step 2. Use the rune that does not exist in the pattern, one by one confirm which runes belong in which place

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

A few more examples

If you still are unclear on how to complete it, here are a few more examples on how to complete it.

3 rune example

3 rune example

kekkai 5 rune example

5 rune example

Kekkai 3 rune example

3 rune example

5 rune example

5 rune example


325 comments on “Talent Guide

  1. Umm,nice,very well said,but i hope this will update:addition of new talents(saint power? And insect symbiosis) cuz i like tips and strategies that will help with it(may you know what i mean) cuz this isnt my native tongue,i am pilipino…

  2. Erm,I’m a fire-wind type and I already know how to build my ninja,thanks to you ofc =),(going eight extremities,demon sound)butttttt I keep considering if I want the enraged forest cuz the passive does not support my elements……can you let me know how my strats are going and is it good?(plus should I just get enraged forest?)I’m building items that gives hp/cp every turn cuz of my cp usage and doesn’t have any defensive type jutsus,if you reply to me, THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!*please let me know if this is good or give some advice on making it better plzzzz tqqqq

  3. I’m fire/water but I chose Eight Extremities as an extreme talent, I’m just a free user, is it okay with that? I think I commit a huge mistake for picking the Eight Extremities as my extreme talent.

  4. im a wind ang lightning ….how can i use eraged forest? do i need to add a points in water and earth stats????????????????

    • no you don’t need to but for lv50 secret you should get demon sound mix of wind and lightning and lv 60 you can get it if you want

  5. It’s too hard to get tp.. in 1 day, I just get 55 tp. In 1 week.. I get (55×7) 385 tp. Lol its too hard!!!!!!

  6. yo whattup m8s i got a couple of questions right here, ( which imo wont be answered cuz this post is real old, but, firing cannon at a supposedly empty building is better than not firing cannon at all).
    so dis we start here:
    -lightning earth elements
    -non emblem
    – deadly performance
    -enraged forest (no 2nd secret talent tho)

    1) are my elements ok as i dont think crit and hp build go well tbh
    2)did i make the wrong choice for my talent deadly performance?
    3) is the cake a lie?

  7. I hope I can be an emblem user someday….my element is thunder and wind plus water or earth?For being an emblem user(just a dream).I am a deadly performer and planning to choose demon sound for my 1st secret skill and icy crystal or enraged forest for my 2nd secret skill.What do you think is the best?

  8. In TP mission,weird and dangerous potion.I prefer to use my cellphone’s camera without flash so I can see the missing answers.

  9. Is Explosive Lava THAT bad? Im Full Earth and Deadly Performer, I have enraged forest and my next thought was Explosive Lava. If not that…what else choice do I have?

    • Cause the explosive lava is a pathetic skill maybe,you should choose icy crystal for a different style of build.The answer is what you want.

      • Oh really? You just do not have enough dedication to muster it. Instead, you only choose what you think is the best for all but not what the skill really is. Explosive Lava actually is a great boost of damage to fire and earth users and a hybrid build with fire and/or earth element in it(try using hellfire or other fire kinjutsus and earth kinjutsus with it). Pathetic secret skill? Sheesh. Like you, I have many characters with different extreme talent and secret talent builds. But all of them are very useful in every way. Boss hunts with teamed up battles benefit from this as others have with fire kinjutsus and earth kinjutsus. Explosive Lava has more damage with a fire user than an earth user due to the extra damage and combustion chance that a fire user has. The numb effect of Lava Shield benefits also on the accuracy of your weapon and skills with accuracy boost or numb effect so making a fire user deadly against a dodger and neutralizes the blind effect of Demon Song Phantom Wave. Lava Spirits will benefit from that as well. They are like a combo of skills. Emblem users usually team Mirror Eye Talent with Hidden Silhouette and Enraged Forest for most stun-like uses. Explosive Lava in exchange of Enraged Forest provides damage with fire skills and another damage per turn from Lava Spirits. I have a character that focus more on a dodge build and another character that focus more on an accuracy build(I just do not have that weapon with an 80% accuracy). So I say, all talents are effective in every way.

  10. i have taken lava it was useless and demon sound which is awesome it will do 12+ cooldown ate max however my one is only on level 1 i want to get rid of lava spirits help plus i am a deadly performer

  11. Hi I’m earth and water user. I currently have 8 extreme talent and planning to get enraged forest. but I’m not sure for 2nd one. is explosive lava really that pathetic should i get icy crystal instead? I only use water for healing so I’m not sure which one would help more

    • I would say Ice Crystal is a lot better. The damage that Explosive Lava deals isn’t very good to begin with, never mind it’s useless passive

  12. hi. i have fire-thunder-water i wonder if this is good combination for pvp and boss fights ??and should i go for eom or something else?? and what to choose for secret talents?? thank in advance!!

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